Choosing Enemy Over Divinity – Isis Wisdom

July 8, 2021

Fuck ’em. I’m glad they took it. It’s less idiots for us to deal with. To hell with sympathy. ASE!!!!!!


  1. Wow, for some reason when I got up this morning – I was so mad about how so many people don’t have a backbone. And now I hear this. I have these same feelings. We are eternal beings. We need to protect our souls. She is so right!


    • Most of us love white daddy Jesus so we think whites are gods. Can’t have no love for self when you don’t know who you are. I’m out of pity for all unconscious beings. Let em burn. They had enough time to wake up. Time tfor them to pay the Piper for their ignorance. The universe has no emotion. It goes off frequency. Ase.

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