Brief Analysis of “Black Widow” (Spoilers!!!)

July 11, 2021

This jewvie was terrible. I couldn’t even stand watching it all at once. It took me three settings. You can tell it’s all programming and mind control when shit gets this bad.

First of all the black widow is nothing but the melanated woman not some skankazoid hybrid wearing black outfits. Basically some dude named Draco or whatever (aka the Draconians) had come up with the idea to weaponize females against mankind using some type of mind control drug on them. In the process he gave them superpowers like strength and agility. Many of the women were sterilized…..just like what Covid is doing but most females that took the jab don’t realize it yet. They will all be dead soon. The Widow and her sister were raised by the group known as Hydra but later became Shield. Hydra is just the kundalini of the indigenous original people falsely called black and African American. It’s a multi-headed serpent from Greek and Roman mythology which is our shit before we gave it to the hybrids later. Always remember they have created nothing. They can’t…….not without eumelanin. All they can do is steal what we do and then pervert it and that’s exactly what they always do.

Anyway Hydra did all sorts of genetic experiments on the females and fucked them up into zombies just like the jab is doing to people. The Draco dude insulated himself from attack from the females by encoding his our pheromones into them so when they smelled them it shut down their ability to attack him so Widow broke her nose so it wouldn’t work anymore and beat his ass. He turned the other females on Widow and ran to the copter with his guards. Widow was getting her ass beaten by all the brainwashed females but her little sister saved her by smashing a bunch of the red gas antidote into the air from the ceiling and all the females returned to normal. Widow then went after Draco with her sister. Draco was about to escape but Widow’s little sister jammed a stun staff into one of the helicopter engines and blew them to bits before she starting falling to the ground. Don’t worry you know Widow was going to save her in midair.

The whole the facility used some type of anti-gravity and just sat in the sky hidden behind clouds. It was called the Red Room which we all know is like Red Rum from the “Shining”. Backwards it spells murder. It also Moor-der as in Murder the Moors. Basically they were saying the black female has been weaponized against the black man and now she has become a widow because she is chasing paper instead of family. More than half of jewvie were these stupid family scenes where pinkazoids pretend they care about each other. So as the floating “Red Room” exploded and started plummetting Widow grabs a parachute and dives into the air to save her unconscious falling sister. Then she get another parachute somehow and battles it out with her mother (who she thought was dead) but had been brainwashed as well by Draco. Once they hit the ground she hits her mother with the antidote red gas. End of bullshit dumb ass, too long ass story. Not even worth one watch but I’d fuck Scarlett though. ASE!!!!!!!!!!!

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