Dr Alim on Carl Nelson Show

August 2, 2021

Very important info!!!!!!!!!!! ASE!!!!!!!!!!



  1. I really like Dr Alim. He has been right on with this all being a plandemic. Asé

    • yeah he dropped the straight up harcore facts. it was fun listening to him. our people are so fucking retarded that it makes me angry. they still just don’t get it. we’re in the middle of a global planetary genocide because the psycho “elite” want to reduce the world population down to a few hundred million. how the hell do “black” people not understand this? it’s in plain damn english. they have no idea what the psychos are capable. they still love the pink skins. THAT IS THE MARK OF THE BEAST!!!!!!! just like mentellect says. when you love people who pretend to hate you because they want to be you you have the mark of the beast. ASE!!!!!!!!!!!

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