The “My Pet Goat” Ritual

August 3, 2021

The rituals never stop fam. Know that so you can maintain your mental defense. They affect the subconscious through symbolism…..mostly of zombie loser vaxxers and jesus freaks who have no control over their minds because they never meditate. People still think Bush Jr reading “My Pet Goat” on 9/11 to a classroom of children was all just normal presidential business. No!!!!!!! 9/11 was a sacrifice to the Jewish god so they wanted a bunch of children present with Bush Jr to represent the offering to the Devil. How many times in the Old Testament did they sacrifice goats and children to their devil creator god?!?!?! The goat is the symbol of Capricorn which is ruled by Saturn. Saturn is Satan to the dark priesthood of Rome. They even have a Brotherhood of Saturn. Why do you think there is that permanent hexagram on Saturn?

Bush Jr even had the book upside down because we all know how they invert everything for their wicked purposes. The baphomet is not evil. It just represents metaphysical principles. 9/11 was carried out on a Tuesday the day of Mars representing Aries the warrior. They are always at war with the original people of this planet. Saturn and Mars together are the malefics in astrology. This is what fuels them. There are no coincidences.


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