August 11, 2021

They ain’t spending none of this fiat on this shit unless it’s going to benefit China in some way since they are paying China with indigenous land now since they refuse to accept US Treasury bonds after China peeped the Jewish Ponzi strawman scheme using our birth and marraige certificates and the people as collateral on the debt on the US Corporation owned by the Vatican. And of course Rome and London always get a chunk of everything. We are paying for this crap ourselves!!!!! They print it out of thin air and then the Jews send us the bill!!!! People think we can do this and someone else is paying for it. Nope. YOU ARE PAYING FOR IT!!!!!!!!

Then they’re always talking about some goddamn roads. Construction crews be working on shit 24/7/365 and they never ever complete a goddamn thing!!!!! That ain’t no coincidence. They ain’t fixing no damn power grid neither. This is just more currency as a lifeline to the defunct US Corporation in the hopes they can resurrect the dollar by getting us to believe in it. Mind is all. The dollar is dead folks. Get used to it. By clinging to it you are only prolonging our suffering. Buy silver and get into crypto…..gold if you can afford it. I can’t. Just keep enough fiat to pay bills and nothing more. When the Jews pull the plug any and everything you have in the bank is gone. That could happen any day. It’s never about helping anybody but the “hidden hand”. Congress just pretends to support one thing to include something else for themselves and their handlers. It’s no different than any other omnibus piece of shit where everybody gets their dicks sucked. This is not a legitimate government. You must understand that. These are all Roman Curia members of the dark priesthood pretening to be government. ASE!!!!

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