The Bey Is Born Baby!!!!!!

August 20, 2021


  1. Congratulations on that name change👍🏿👍🏿

    • Dere it is!!!! I should get it tattooed all over me!!!! Preesh dat. I know a lot of people don’t want to do that because they feel it somehow dishonors the family but that name itself was already in dishonor along with all the other names that end in -son. slave names have to go. the nom de guerres of black and african american must go too. we’re free now!!!! mind is all!!! ASE!!!!!!

      • I been aware this for awhile now but was hesitant to go through all the drama to change it. But if it’s possible to discharge my school debt then I will do it. All options on the table. Is it possible to do that?

      • You can definitely discharge debts in that way. The name change itself wasn’t bad at all. Nationalization isn’t bad either. It’s just sending a letter to all appropriate “fake” governmental entities under Rome but soon to be changing once Pluto moves into Aquarius in early 2024. The hardest part for me was grasping all the Latin legal terms you know to know to be smart so they don’t trick you. I’ve followed Taj Tarik Bey now for almost ten years. At first I was like what the hell man?!?!?! Over time it sinks in. If you watch the last 1-2 years of his videos on House of Reawakening Minds on jewtube you will have enough knowledge to move forward since the knowledge was meant for you. He does live videos once every other Friday from 7:30-10:30pm ET. It’s not boring at all either. He makes it very entertainment and they take questions in the chat. Of course it won’t hurt to read some up on it too. They have a flash drive you can order but it has so much stuff on it it’s hard for me to decide what to read first and what to skip, etc. This whole system has already collapsed so now the Jewish media is just pretending that it hasn’t Taj was telling people to buy Chines yuan last night since they are running the show in the background now but for me the Chinese are just scavengers of the scavengers. Their fate is sealed as well as you can from Mother Nature tearing them to shreds using her infinite power. Russia is pretty much the same. Parasites of the parasites. Doomed. All of them. They have already lost in the higher realms so we are just watching the as above so below correspondence happen over time. Saturn makes things happen over time until we are free from this 3D limitation in the higher realms. It ain’t far off so some people are saying to hell with the paperwork and extra study because they know our estate is coming back to us anyway. I get that…..but I would rather take some steps now to accelerate their demise. We are all part of the energy that is destroying them so we shouldn’t let up one bit. They wouldn’t and they never have.

        The only thing they won’t let you discharge from what I’ve seen is utlilites so what most do is just put them all on a credit card up the limit and then just discharge the credit card debt to your strawman with the bill of exchange. For things like liens, if you have any, you will need to know about “quo warranto”. So many Latin terms but all these languages are ours anyway. Like Taj says Spanish ain’t nothing but Moorish Latin. The hybrds have done nothing but steal our shit and pretend to be us. They have ZERO creative ability because without a soul they are not tied to source which is where all creative ability comes from. They are just a bunch of temporal materialist Slav slaves that hate themselves and project it onto us so they don’t have to look at the horror of what they actually are. They had major help from entities to come into power. You know they’re too stupid to have done any of this themselves. We have enemies in the higher realms who want to keep us here but we’re leaving anyway. And when we get back to our true home we’re gonna kick them all in the ass for doing this to us!!!! ASE King!!!!!!!

  2. Jakari, I am just now catching up. You know I have that “son” at the end of my surname. I am starting to watch Taj. And by reading your blog, I am learning a lot. You are an inspiration. Asé

    • Oh no not the “son”!!!!!!! haha…..I had some friends growing up who had the last name Freeman. i always wondered did they get to skip slavery?!?!?! haha……You inspire me too sis!!! Don’t worry about getting confused at first with Taj. It takes a while to sink. You just have to keep watching and picking up all those legal Latin terms and it will all come together for you since you are conscious. ASE!!!!!!!

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