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August 20, 2021



  1. A couple years ago, I sent a text to my family text group about Mr Camara’s movie on Amazon Prime (Holy Hierarchy) and out of the 20, not one of those jesus freaks even responded 🤣 🤣. But I thought the movie was good anyway.

    • Ill check it out sis if I can find a bootleg. You know I try to not pay for a damn thing. haha…I think racism is the distraction and religion uses it for that. The truth is wardship status inflicted upon us by Rome, the Vatican, the Popes with London financing all of it. While most are screaming racism they don’t see the forest of wardship status for the racism trees. They have most of us in victimhood mentality. Yes we are victims but we shouldn’t have that mentality. That shuts down the melanin just like fear, dehydration, lack of good sleep, prescriptions, high fructose, vaccines, mercury fillings, etc. They really know us well at the tip top whoever or whatever it is. They planned this shit down to a T!!!!!!!!!!! ASE!!!!!!!!


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