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August 23, 2021

Panic too goddamn hood from living in New York so long. He attract dabblers and other niggas who ain’t serious. Then he blame them for not being deeper than they are. It’s his fault when the students don’t understand the teacher. And he spend too much time calling out niggas for stupid comments from his bad rapper wannabee temper. Bobby fucked up choosing him as his successor. Panic know his shit but he ain’t no real teacher. A teacher gotta have patience. He causing more damage than helping…and he taking too goddamn long to send the Panic Packs!!!! He always gonna feel like he in the shadow of Bobby which mean he still got Ego issues to deal with. We all do to some degree. Mind is all. We all perpetual students.. Some can teach too. Some can’t. He need a session from his own girl Khadija!!!! Hahaha….ASE!!!

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