Avatar = Haiti + America (more colonization and land, mind and body)

August 25, 2021

James Cameron has four sequels planned for Avatar with the second to be released on 12/16/2022 tentatively subtitled “The Way of the Water”.

I had no idea that Zoe Saldana was the female Na’vi to be honest but it makes perfect sense since her whole life , including her personal life, has been spent bed wenching.

She just can’t control herself can’t she?!?!?!?! Hahahaha…..

How the hell your parents gonna be Dominican and Puerto Rican and you a wicked wench of the West?!?!?! Smh…….They can have that bony, confused skank and stank look like some damn crank. I guess she’s into bestiality.

So basically the pinkazoid came into America, stole the land and raped the women. Of course they romanticize it like she really wanted him and they always make her look like the red fake native Asians. I call her poke-a-cunt-ass.

Pocahontas is probably just another lie like Harriet Tubman and Nat Turner. So this is the same thing that the cracka did in Avatar with Sam Worthingtin’s busted legs just like Professor X when he uses Jean Grey to power his lame ass in the X-Men. Jean Grey is obviously the melanated wombman.

The true Na’vi are the indigenous people falsely called black and African American so Avatar is just another story of colonization to steal the land and women of America just like the organ harvesting and theft of natural resources they do in Haiti. They even mimic the nature of Haiti in Avatar’s Pandora. We really opened the goddamn Pandora’s box when these beasts were created!!!!!!!!!!!

This is all mind control of course so expect to see more and more bed wenching after their release.

And you thought Netflix was bad!?!?!?!?!?


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