Watch “The Darkside Of The Crate Challenge – DO NOT Participate!” on YouTube

August 28, 2021


  1. Wednesday, I was listening to Dr David Imhotep on the Carl Nelson show. He was talking about the pyramids that are underwater near the Bahamas. He was also talking about how the old kingdom is here in the Americas. It was such an interesting show. Then some lady calls in asking about the crate challenge. She threw off the show for a couple of minutes because that wasn’t even the topic. Carl Nelson finally got her off the phone. There are paid agents trying to make sure this crazy stuff gets all into our consciousness. I feel like by the time I found out about the crate challenge (just last week), our children have been seeing it for a while. I completely agree with how they analyzed the negative impact in this video. AseĢ

    • The whole thing seems like a distraction to me but we know how desperate they are. There is something deeper about the symbolism of this ritual that they are missing though. I’ll figure it out once I get the download from my higher self. ASE!!!!


  2. I keep saying that you are good. You will probably figure it out. The lady that called in to the Carl Nelson show sounded black and had a british accent that was hard to understand. She used the specific word, distraction. She said something like “how do we get away from the distraction of the milk crate challenge?” I was thinking we get away by hanging up on your axx. She had to repeat herself at least twice because Imhotep did not know about the milk crate challenge. Then Carl stopped explained what it was then hung up on the woman. The show is has not been put up on the podcast yet.

    • Hahahahaha

  3. Correction – Then Carl stopped and explained the milk crate challenge and then moved on. The show is has not been put on the podcast yet.

    I feel like people who were not aware of the challenge may look it up and then become aware. For whatever reason, someone did not like the topic about how we had high civilizations on this continent long ago. The flow of the conversation was interrupted and I know that it irritated me at the time.

    • Yeah they fucked up the flow by design. Probably an agent. Jews got em everywhere sis. ASE!!!!


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