Why Shaharazad Wrote the Black Man’s Guide….

August 31, 2021

Of course we’re not black and the guilty parties are not men and women but rather males and females. Words matter. At this point it’s good to understand the brainwashing but these black males and females are NEVER changing!!!!! They must be destroyed or they will attempt to destroy all of us in the process of their own self-destructuon. ASE


  1. Wow, if this hits you in the wrong way, you just have to meditate on it. Shahrazad is awesome. Ase

    • She already knew she would be hated by most for speaking the truth. The same happens to me. You have to speak it anyway. You just don’t throw pearls before swine since it’s a waste of time. You know grown up infantile children masquerading as adults are always going to project their inner insecurities onto you so they don’t have to deal with their own bullshit. They never change. ASE!!!!!!!!

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