Are We Upside Down???????? (Hint: Yes)

September 5, 2021

We already know the earth is a plane…not flat and not a globe. That’s why it’s called a plane-t!!!!!!!! We also know there is an Inner Earth that has its own Sun. Everything is perfect and peaceful there. It’s not Amenta or the 5th dimension but it’s a helluva upgrade from this hybrid nonsense on the “surface”.

If we’re upside down the surface is really the the ceiling. Ain’t no coincidence folks.

Remember this jewvie with Kirsten Dunce???…I mean Dunst.

Remember Pirates of the Caribbean: At Worlds’s End???? They had to flip the ship!!!!!!!!

Remember Kong going thru the portal to Inner Earth to the Titan realm?!?!?!


Notice how Kong had to flip himself. Gravity is another lie.

Why does the brain have to reverse images so we can see right side up?!?!?!?!?! It’s because we’re upside down folks.


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