September 6, 2021


  1. I think he was holding that map upside down by divine intervention. All the really old maps that came from us had eurasia at the bottom. They may have turned the map upside down to put them on the top🤦🏾‍♀️

    • just more of their tiny dick syndrome. all of the maps were oriented with us on top and they reversed it just like this whole world is upside down and our brains have to flip it so we can see upright. amazing how fucked up they are without even knowing it. haha….ASE!!!

  2. You know they tested the so-called african american but they will NOT be printing that data! 🧐 If you want that data, you will have to go inside.

    • They know we da true natives so they made the fake natives into native DNA and then they only look for west Africa in our DNA. It’s all lies and tricks and our ppl still think dem tests are accurate. They making money and experimenting on our DNA to figure new ways to suppress or destroy us along with using it to help their sorry shit. Ase!!!!


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