The Scourge of “Black” Leadertainment

September 6, 2021


  1. Hey, I just found a pdf copy of Polaria: The Gift of the White Stone by WP Mueller online. I dunno if you’re familiar with it or not but it’s one of those occult books Bobby recommended back in the day that is now hard to find and/or ridiculously overpriced. I was wondering if you’d want a copy of you didn’t already have it.

    • We are in sync as usual my brother. Hell yes I want a copy!!!! I been looking for it forever casting all kinds of spells trying to attract one to me. haha……I have a pdf copy of Ivan Van Sertima’s Golden Age of the Moors if you want one. It’s hard to find that one too. Wicked ass Amazon always tries to price us out of whatever they have that they want to keep hidden. You can send it to jakaaribey23@gmail.com or a share if it’s too big for that. I think the book I have is pretty big so I made a link to it for ya. Let me know if it doesn’t work. ASE!!!!!


      • I sent a link to your email for the dropbox. It’s still downloading at the moment so give a minute. I put some other pdfs in there if you want to check them out.

      • You da man as we say!!!!!! ASE!!!!!!!

      • No prob πŸ‘πŸΏback at cha

      • Where was the link God? Ase.

      • See if you have it now.

      • don’t see it yet. haha….i have like 8 email addresses. are you using blakrant322@gmail.com or jbikaro523@gmail.com? ASE.

      • I sent it to jakaaribey23@gmail.com but just sent to those other two just now. You should have it now.

      • got it bruh fa sho!!!!! i think i misspelled my own damn email on the first one. it should be jakaribey23@gmail.com. i changed my name and now i can’t spell it. haha…..have you read polaria already? would be interested in hearing your assessment if you have. ASE!!!!!!!

      • I’m in the process of reading it now; I just found it last night! 😎😌 From what I read so far though, it’s on point with everything I heard from Bobby and Panic. It talks about saving the Black Indestructible Seed and how the Titans/ Fallen Ones were overthrown by the Solar Gods, so you already know what’s that about. I was getting goosebumps from the few pages I read πŸ˜‰ like my soul was getting happy

      • haha…I feel you man. the soul loves true knowledge!!!! can’t wait to delve in my damn self. preesh again!!!! ASE!!!!!!!

    • WP Muller is really kenneth grant the british occultist. he used a pseudonym to hide his identity so he could release it because the dark priesthood hated him for revealing so much info we could use against them. ASE!!!!!!

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