Bitcoin Now Legal Tender In El Salvador

September 7, 2021

Love it or hate it. It’s legal tender now in El Salvador. The price plummetted 15% too today down to 44,000 but it’s recovering nicely. Understand this is a lift and shit from Rothschild central banking is cashless virtual assets. They will attempt to transform it into the same type of paper money slavery using their black magick. When you get in make sure you always clean your Bitcoin with a blender so they don’t know where you got it so they can’t try to tax you and buy as many privacy coins as possible. The main ones now are Monero, Pirate and Dero. There are others. You cannot track privacy coin transactions whatsoever. The fake Roman government is so pissed they are offering millions to anyone that can crack Monero. Pathetic…….just pathetic…….

One way or another we’re getting off the dead ass dollar. The birth certificate scam has been revealed to the entire world so the “elite” can no longer use it in their spells. They want everything virtual and everything digital anyway……cashless as they call it so they can track everything and turn off your shit for being a rabble rouser. The Covid jab will help as well. Look at how many people are constantly on their phones in a virtual reality already?!?!?! The Matrix tricked us into thinking it would all be in our minds. Nope. Once they get the mind completely controlled they planned on making the Matrix actually physical too via transhumanism. That’s what the jab is doing….at least for the few that survive it. Expect mass graves very soon in the next few months. People think they’re fine after they have mild or no symptoms after the jab. The morons don’t realize it’s constantly working to rewrite your DNA especially when they get boosters. Watch the movie “The Happening” again with Mark Jewburg…..I mean Wahlberg. Oh yeah……it’s happening alright!!!!!!!!!!! right in our faces!!!!!! Everything is being controlled but understand they can never see the cosmic purpose behind what they are doing. They are blind to the truth because they hate the truth. Parasites have no power besides what they can trick you into giving them. They are weak. They are nothing. We already won.


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