“The Happening” Is HAPPENING!!!!!!!

September 8, 2021

I rewatched this flick last night about how some neurotoxin is released by nature to get rid of people on the Earth. It comes from the trees and the grass and only attacks when it’s a large group of people so smaller groups have a chance of avoiding it. The leaves of trees have been waving a lot on their own recently. See for yourself. It is happening all over.

Monkey Jew-burg….I meant Mark Wahlberg is the main character and he has to save his stupid girlfriend and a child of a friend that doesn’t make it because he went back to get his dumb ass wife. Whatever……..

The film was released in 2008 right when the subprime happened and the pink skins blamed niggas for buying houses instead of blaming the bank for approving and underwriting shitty ass loans. At least now we have Covid to blame for everything!!!! haha…..The “plague” started only in the Northeast of the country where they just had all that flooding. It also started on the Tuesday at 8:33am and ended a day later at 9:27am. I don’t have to tell you all the Freemason 33rd degree symbolism present there.

The toxin (really the Covid jab) makes the people kill themselves. The Earth really is purging itself and being terraformed which is why the “elite” did this genocide when they did. They knew their time was up. In other words people are taking the jab are being tricked into committing slow suicide which is collective genocide. The psychos consider that to be ZERO karma because idiots willingly take it. They may be right.

The only thing that stopped the toxin from spreading in the movie was when Mark and his girlfriend demonstrated “love” for each other (not that pink skins really can do that). Then the toxin took off and headed to France at the end of the movie. The whole thing is similar to “Bird Box” with Sandra Bullock and sort of like “Purge” as well. Everything is dystopian now to get everyone into that mindset to make it more likely to happen for the psychos. Predictive and neurolingusitic programming are their main two tools to herd the cattles of masses off to the death aka FEMA camps already prepared for them. Nature will always conquer that which is unnatural so they have no chance. They will always try anyway out of sheer desperation. They know the prophecies must all be fulfilled. ASE!!!!!!!!!!

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