Watch “The Matrix Resurrections – Official Trailer (2021) Keanu Reeves, Carrie-Anne Moss” on YouTube

September 9, 2021


  1. Hahahaha…not watching this bullshit!!! You know it’s gonna be some massive mind fuckery going on in this one. The end must be near if Hollywood is regurgitating this much of the old stuff. The creativity is gone, we are not putting that much of our melanated energy in the system like we originally did in the past. That’s a great thing.

    • yeah it looks stupid with a bunch of special effects. their end is near which is the only reason that brother is in there but of course he will be submissive to Neo in every way. keanu reeves ass look like he about 80 years old. the jews are known for sequels and remakes not only because it keeps people trapped in a loop where everything repeats every 10 years but they also have zero creativity because that comes thru our eumelanin. their greatest mind control on us has been that goddamn “same game”. we think we are just like them except with more pigmentation, a wider nose, curly hair, dark eyes and bigger lips. we ain’t lookin’ at the DNA whatsoever. smh…..ASE!!!!!

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