Rebuild The Temple of Solomon (Hidden Sun or Soul) Within Thyself

September 11, 2021

The Jews are masters of rituals that affect our subconscious mind because they understand the law of correspondence or as above so below……as inside so outside. When they destroyed the Twin Towers this was symbolic of the destruction of Boaz and Jachin which are the two pillers leading inside the temple and eventually to the Holy of Holies. We are know what that is!!!!!!! Damn right it’s the woman’s private parts!!!! Well they used to be private. Now the Jew has them public as hell from all the filth and brainwashing and chemicals (khem i kill) in everything.

Larry Silverstein replaced the Twin Towers with this. One huge fucking phallus because the dark Kabbalists under that this is a masculine world even though the energy of the creation is feminine. The worship the black goddess privately but they give us white daddy Jesus publicly. It’s all misdirection and manipulation of our psychic energy. They know how to tame our melanin and make it manageable so they can use it for their benefit and enterprise. We must take back control of this chaos energy and show them what real chaos is!!!!!!!!

The Jews follow a 7 year cycle of destruction called the Shemitah which means debt-forgiveness.

This one just started on September 7th a few days ago. Listen.

The fucking asshole even admits “pulling” WTC7 which wasn’t hit by a plane at all and yet they still claim it miraculously collapsed at free fall speed into its own footprint. We all know that shit ain’t physically possible.

Look at BBC reporting too early that WTC7 had collapsed. This shit is clearly still standing in the background and people still believe Bin Laden did this shit when his ass had already been dead several years before 9/11.

Then they had the ridiculous Bin Laden tapes where he writes with his right hand in some of them. He was left-handed and not ambidextrous!!!!!!! More lies, lies, lies……..from the Jews, Jews, Jews!!!!!!! and their fake ass news, news, news!!!!

How much evidence do people need to see? Answer: None. They have cognitive dissonance. Evidence means nothing to them. Emotion has overwhelmed logic. The more logic you give them the more they shut down.

I drew this card from my Kemetic tarot deck today. Now tell me that’s a coincidence. The High Priesess is the melanated wombman and she sits between Boaz the feminine pillar of severity and Joachin the masculine pillar of mercy.

We have to understand, innerstand and overstand these rituals to nullify them but that is not enough. We also must do counterrituals to stop them from doing these nonstop rituals on us. We are always in defense mode. They are using our own knowledge against us. We don’t need all those goddamn books locked up in the Vatican. All the knowledge is within. If you seek it it will find you. How do you think I drew this card today?!?!?!?! It’s time to go on the offensive and stay on the offensive until these creatures are all dead.


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