Watch “India administers 22 million COVID-19 vaccines in one day” on YouTube

September 17, 2021


  1. Good for india. But anyone with a functioning pineal gland should know to stay away from that clot shot.

  2. It’s just another ritual based on the freemason master number 22. they use 11, 22 and 33 all the time. there’s no way 22 million “indians” got that jab. just like the slavs are slaves so are the fake indians. we are the true indian/sindhu. the brits call them hindus during the occupation and that word means slave. it’s why their males are so emasculated now and always beating the shit out of their women at home. the brits need to be destroyed but france is even worse than them without going into all of the history. this whole realm needs to go sis!!!!!!!!!!! ASE!!!!!!!!!!

  3. All the beastiality no its bestiality and deviant behavior from these beasts. I agree it is time for them to go! Even the president of france and his wife are some deviants!

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