Unexpected Faces In Ancient America (see how they jack up the prices when shit is true???)

October 5, 2021


  1. Check your email

    • Preesh god!!! Whatcha think of Polaria so far?!?!? Kenneth Grant talk a lot of symbolism. Haha….I ain’t even half thru it yet but he basically saying we gotta use the kundalini to get beyond Saturn which is what creates this false sense of time. ASE.

      • I just finished it last night. I loved it. But you gotta be on the path as a melanated woman/man or it will go right over your head…Yeah I didn’t know Saturn was a big deal from that prospective. Also the terms in the book he uses to connect the dots is crazy. “Atal” is ATL meaning the land of Isis and the land of living. Atl is short for Atlantis in ancient times, Atlanta for modern times. That’s not a coincidence.

      • Most of the info is right in our faces but most can’t see it. They don’t even want to see it. They would rather hear about how Da Baby making anti-gay statements. How the hell you gonna be a man and you call yourself a baby. hahaha……Polaria talks a lot about the letters CAR too. Maybe that’s why so many people always worried about having a nice car?!?!?! Everything is a lie. Everything is a ritual. ASE!!!!!!!!

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