Watch “President Biden honors fallen police officers” on YouTube

October 17, 2021


  1. Jim Crow Joe

    • and niggas think he is on their side. wtf?!?! he even gave a eulogy for the grandmaster of the kkk. duh…….taj be telling everybody for 50 years that the democratic party is the kkk. we are voting for the same people who pretend to be police but really are nigga exterminators. they just mix in a few blacks and latinos and asians to make it look legit. when you call the police you are calling the kkk to kill you and your family. we don’t believe it and so they keep slaughtering us. oh well……ignorance causes death. this is all unam sanctum operations from Rome under the doctrine of discovery. it’s all Rome!!!!!!! they all work for Rome. that’s why pelosi and biden are visiting rome. the dollar is dead and they have to figure our how to save the popes along with this scam. we are still under the spanish inquisition. spanish is moorish latin so it’s the moorish inquisition really. they always change a word or two so people think it’s something different or that the inquisition ended. nope. it’s still going on right in our faces. covid is part of the moorish inquisition. kill us all and steal our land. ase.

  2. Death to the pope, rome and all these damn hybrids!!!

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