Watch “Another 48 Hrs. (6/9) Movie CLIP – Anyone Else Want a Limp? (1990) HD” on YouTube

November 2, 2021


  1. Now, at the end of that clip, why did he give that gun to the cave beast? Did that give them some comfort?

    • I was just thinking that we don’t have no love for Trump but he just gonna help us straighten out the rest of our day by restoring the damn republic!!!! haha…..I might end up getting murdered if I keep wearing this Trump shirt so I’m gonna wear it even more now. In fact I’m buying another one. I love how people get mad because they don’t like the choices you make and they don’t even understand anything about you or why you made those choices. They want everyone to be just like them so they can feel better about being the massive loser that they are. ASE!!!!!

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