Finch Starring Tom Hanks…Spoilers Like Hell!!!!!!!

November 6, 2021

What a comical piece of shite movie. The Sun has basically destroyed the ozone layer so it’s 150 degrees during the day so most hybrids are dead from cancer and radiation of course. Weinberg a Jew, played by Tom Hanks, who is a clone in reality and obviously NOT Jewish, has an underground bunker and a radiation suit that he wears when he has to go out during the day. The radiation has already sickened him so he knows he has little time to live so what does he do with his remaining time??? He creates a robot using AI that will protect his dog named Goodyear when he dies. Hahaha!!!!!!!!! Are you fucking kidding me?!?!?! That tells you everything you need to know about the pink skins. It’s not that they give a fuck about their dogs or anything else besides fiat currency which to them represents melanin psychologically. It’s just they recognize the wolf and primate DNA within themselves and they want to preserve that because they know they’re dying out. When they see chimps and dogs they see themselves because they recognize the fur, not hair, and the animal tendencies. How do they plan on preserving their DNA? Well one way is with AI and robots running everything while they’re all dying out. The other is to have as many babies as they can with the “black” female to extend their expired mitochondrial DNA which they were given when the hybrid experiment was first commenced 10,0000 years ago. I watched about half of this nonsense. I don’t need to see the rest. Neither do you unless you’re just a huge fan of Tom Hanks. This jewvie was similar to Castaway anyway. Jews are not creative people. Only the original melanated have the connection to source to create. Everyone else just steals from us and then lies about. The hybrids are all parasites and vampires of melanin and many of us just keep feeding them. You know when you feed a stray dog they will never go away. ASE!!!!!!!!!

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