The Origin of Satan – Elaine Pagels

November 16, 2021

Satan is just your Ego folks. Rome made of the rest and mimicked the planet Saturn and the demon Shaitan. Remember demons are only evil to the hybrids….not us!!!!! Many of the angels hate us and are doing everything they can right now to keep us down here in the Matrix of 3D illusion. They know how powerful we are and fear us!!!!!! Demons are melanin chaos energy like us but we are above them as well. Angels are angels of light which form this false manifestation of five senses of the central nervous system. They want to keep it going using us as batteries but the chaos of the Black Sun is going to swallow them all up. It cannot be stopped. Their time is up. I feel like it’s only days away. ASE!!!!

Expressions from The Melanin Man

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Blak Rant

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