Freaks of the Zodiac!!!!!!

December 14, 2021


  1. This was funny 🤣 🤣🤣 Yeah I’m a Taurus married to a Gemini, an interesting combo I know smh.

    • You know I know dem damn freaks man!!!!!!! haha…..ASE!!!!!!

  2. Awesome is why those women be chasing you down! Ha ha ha

    • i met this sista last night that was a Sagittarius and i was like damn not anothero one just like my mom. ugh….high maintenance crap. they always want more more more of everything..including sex but they want that damn jew paper more than anything too. females are just boring as hell outside of bed….and most of em ain’t even good in bed either but they think they are. no wonder niggas be falling asleep. ugh…..i was just out celebrating the death of jesus. haha!!!! Ase!!!!!!!

  3. I wanted to listen to this on a day when I would not get any interruptions. This was a really interesting broadcast! 🧐

    • glad you liked it sis. melanin man was diggin dat one too. i did my best material before i retired. haha….

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