Wolf Blitzer Is Paid For Mind Control (I’d Rather See Breaking Jews!!!!!! CNN = Communist News Network)

December 14, 2021

This mutha fucka just won’t sit his literal wolf looking ass down. Why? He’s got plenty of money and a good family. Because he is the main tool of deception for the Jews!!!!!!! Mossad’s motto is “By way of deception!!!!”.

Look at this birth chart data:

3/22 is Skull and bones and the Life Path number 11 is for Master Intuitive meaning he can get you to believe anything he tells you no matter how ridiculous and illogical it may sounds. Even the year 1948 reduces to 22 the Freemason Master Builder number. Look how many people have believed this kike and got the jab and died or are about to die soon!!!!!!!!!!!!

They are always doing spells and rituals on us people. Resist!!!!! and then do the shit back to them!!!!!!! YOU HAVE THE POWER!!!!! USE IT!!!! DEFEND YOURSELVES AND THEN GO ON THE OFFENSIVE AGAINST YOUR ENEMIES!!!!!!!! AIN’T NO SAVIOUR COMING EXCEPT THE ONE THAT LIVES INSIDE OF YOU!!!!!!!! DEFEND YOURSELF FROM THEIR BLACK MAGICK OR DIE!!!!!!


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