Why I HATE Females (not true women) – my last post forever.

December 21, 2021

Niggas ain’t changing. Females ain’t changing. I’m done. Nobody wants to do what is necessary so all this shit has been for nothing. I’m out. This is my last post forever.


  1. Damn man lol. Wish it wasn’t your last post but if it is I get it. Yeah it’s rough out here man. The females are deaf, dumb, and blind yet by nature they are gonna be more attached & connected to this earthly realm more that men anyway because it was created from the melanated woman (Isis, Gaia, Tiamat, Leviathan, whatever name you wanna use.) So since the earth as a whole is being used and abused it’s gonna manifest within our women; they can’t help. It’s damn near impossible for a woman to awake from this madness unless she accepting of a real man; that’s the only way. I always say I’m happy to have be “incarcerated” as a man. So easy to see the game as a man….shit, even if you assumed 100 million of us in the world was conscious, that’s still 1.2% overall. That’s sad.

    • I just can’t deal with these wicked females no more. They don’t even want to change for ther better. And the real women ain’t even hardly speaking out against them. Not speaking out against it is acceptance of it. The only sista calling them out been doing it for decades and you know it’s Shaharazad Ali. I talked to this sista last night at a bar and the bitch was selling pussy. I’m like done. I gotta move overseas. These are not even real people anymore. They just fucking widgets of the Jewish media ready to plug into the metaverse. I will never forgive what they have done and how they turned on us……..ever. ASE.

  2. I feel you man. As you know ive been tuning into your blog for years, and i attest to the fact that every theory or discovery you have presented has seen the light! Thank you for preaching the truth and never escaping your principles for the matrix aka Money and fame.


  3. As a woman (not a female) you already know that I feel like your blog is profound! ASE!!!

  4. Please don’t stop speaking knowledge. Your knowledge is very profound and it is helping me. I know it may seem like there are women who are not applying the knowledge, but there are women who are applying this knowledge. Yes, it may be a very few, but like myself, I am working to get out of this matrix way of living. It’s a journey, but your knowledge is helping me. I’m passing your knowledge to my friends and family. Some hear and some don’t. But I keep sharing it anyway. Please continue to share your work and knowledge. There are some of us wanting to learn, to learn, and do something different. I pray that you change your mind. I wish you well no doubt whatever your decision may be.

    • Thanks for the kind words. Maybe I’ll just take a break for a while. We will see but I’m glad to know I was helpful in some way.

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