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Analysis of the Netflix Series “Dark”

July 8, 2020

This whole series on Netflix has zero melanated people in it….at least through Season 2. I haven’t watched Season 3 yet. I don’t care about having melanated representation. Fuck a Jew and the dumb ass media. What matters is the lack of us being represented tells you that it’s all about them. It tells you the pink skins are pondering their true sick ass origin. They want to manipulate time so they don’t die out but unnatural beings always have an expiration date. They have several time machines they use in the series to go forward or backward in time 33 years (of course 33rd degree Freemasonry) but they always have to do the transport from inside a cave. (see photo below). We all know they used to live in the caves of the Caucasus mountains. It’s like going home for them.


The devices channel a huge ball of dark matter aka eumelanin that becomes a portal that envelopes whoever and whatever is within its radius as it expands to about 20-30 feet. No matter how many times they use the devices they just make everything worse no matter what they do…..just like in real life. THEY ALWAYS MAKE EVERYTHING WORSE!!!

dark ball

This is clearly demonstrating how they plan on trying to use our melanin to extend their lifespan and species because they are out of time. They want to know their origin because they cannot accept how they were created through genetic engineering and DNA splicing. Understand they are a separate species of mankind which is human plus animal. They are neither human nor animal. Both human and animal are natural to this planet and we are both above the hybrids. This is why they worship their dogs so much and even have sex with them but the dogs cannot elevate them to where they want to go. They want to become us and they want us to become them. They are in a mad race to try to figure out how to tap into the power melanin.


They will never figure it out so instead they are going to vaccinate as many of us as possible to re-code our “junk” DNA that is awakening via AI and 5G so that it goes back to sleep or is destroyed completely. It will fail but this is their plan. They’re fucking nuts!!!! The elite have already fled to their bunkers because they know what time it is. They are avoiding the dust clouds that have enveloped the planet. They have plenty of oxygen in their bunkers but it will be their grave and not a safe haven.

See the links below for dust cloud maps:,1.73,347/loc=-83.207,-5.873

I did a short video on JewTube for more about this:

This is what the masks are really for. Since they refuse to do what is right and restore balance to the planet they are being suffocated. They require oxygen to breathe. WE DO NOT!!!!!!! There is about 25% oxygen on the planet and those levels are decreasing rapidly….not from global warming or climate change but because the planet is being restored to its original state by our Nibiru people. They are here in the clouds and interdimensionally all over the planet. You can see them if your pineal gland is functional. Pink skins are baffled as usual. They always try to explain everything away that they cannot understand as some anomaly. No it’s about to be yo pink asses fool!!!!

This channel shows daily videos of these “anomalies”. There are pyramids and cities in the sky along with double rainbows everywhere and UFOs. WE HAVE RETURNED!!!! Now it’s to take out the goddamn trash…….pink trash and yellow trash and the coon trash too!!!

Melanated people can breathe nitrogen, helium, hydrogen and anything else that melanin can adapt to which is really anything. The other species of manimals cannot. They are all going to die…..and very soon….within a few years tops.

The whole town’s economy is based on a nuclear planet that is being shut down because of violations of nuclear waste handling. This may be alluding to the fact that nuclear power plants were never intended to supply our electrical demands. We are still largely burning coal because the elite love to harm the planet because we are part of nature. When they hurt nature it also hurts us and they know this because they have studied our ancient texts. The elite plan on blowing these nuclear power plants remotely from their bunkers to kill off as many of us as they can. They think they will survive what is coming and then re-emerge to start their global insanity all over again. It is all going to fail.


Only the original people can live forever because we were created in the very beginning. Look at their fur in this series. We are so used to thinking of them as just like us except with smaller lips, narrow noses, blue/green eyes, lack of curves and of course straight hair which is really fur. See them for what they are. Manimals that can walk and talk because we tried to civilize them and failed. They were just an experiment go awry and that is all. The experiment is over. This intro from the Season 2 says it all.

ASE and FEEL OK!!!!!!!!!!!!! IT’S BOUT TO BE A BETTER DAY!!!!!!!!



June 28, 2020



Dr. Phil Valentine- The Metaphysics of DNA part 2

May 23, 2020


Afroism of the Day!!!!!

May 20, 2020



Delbert Blair On 5G And Fake Diseases

May 19, 2020

He knew about this Covid shit a longgggggggggggggggggggg time ago fam.


Kill Gates Of Hell Loves Viruses!!!!

May 15, 2020

Image may contain: 2 people, glasses, possible text that says 'Let's infect computers with viruses and then sell anti-virus software Then Let's infect people with viruses and then sell vaccines Now'


The Psychopath Jews Creating Synthetic DNA (For Bill Gates’ Vaccines)

May 15, 2020

What Bill Gates Wants To Do To Your DNA

May 15, 2020


How Bill Gates Monopolized Global Health – Corbett Report

May 6, 2020


Mockdown: The Jewish Dry Run Technique

April 30, 2020

The Jewish elite who own and run this country (into the ground) never do major psyops and false flags without first performing a dry run. This Covid hoax was a dry run for when they unleash a more virulent version of the Covid strain. It’s coming soon too. They want to make moves now because their Gregorian bullshit year is 2020 and that reduces to 22 the Master Builder number of Freemasonry.

master 22

Why do the Jews control everything? They print the money. Nuff said. They buy off any and everyone they need to keep their plans progressing. If they cannot buy you off then Mossad/CIA/FBI agents put your ass in the ground if you make too much noise on their radar. They have dirt on all the politicians in key positions (mostly Skull and Bones 322) and so those people will never do the right thing our of fear of being exposed and maybe murdered. They’re slaves of the Jews….Judeo-Christians who worship money and violence through their phony leader…….Jesus. He was not a real person but it is very real in the minds of believers. Understand the difference. The mind is all. Whatever you believe will eventually crystallize into your reality whether it’s really real or not. The mind makes it real… them.

The crack epidemic on us melanoids was a dry run for the meth/opioid epidemic on pink skins. OKC was a dry run for 9/11. Covid19 was the dry run for the next coming false flag. This won’t be a psyop like this one though where no one really dies or at least very few. This one will be a full real false flag where people actually DO die en masse Keep your immune system strong and stay away from negative people. Get your sunlight, sleep, water, nature, organic food, etc. Meditate if you can. Nothing is better for controlling the mind.


The Jewish elite been waiting a long time for this opportunity to permanently prevent the original people from waking up and ascending. I’ve seen it in visions ever since 2015 or so. With Bill Gates in the 2nd year of his 7 year Mars period he is going to be pushing harder and harder to move the depopulation aka vaccination agenda forward. They understand astrology and know when to time events for maximum success but they CAN be defeated and they WILL be defeated!!!!! Understand these people are weakling, parasitic scum….the same crap you scrape off the shower walls and bathtub. All they can do is trick you into giving them your power since they have none. Be strong and fear nothing!!!!!!!! Control your mind and nothing can control you!!!!



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