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Edward Bernays and Group Psychology: Manipulating the Masses

October 3, 2020

Marc Randolph by Gage Skidmore.jpg

One of Randolph’s paternal great-granduncles was psychoanalysis pioneer Sigmund Freud. Another paternal great-uncle of Randolph was Edward Bernays, an Austrian-American pioneer in the field of public relations and propaganda.



Dream Analysis and more – Afrostrology

September 21, 2020

FACT. FACT. FACT….and we STILL vote?!?!?! smdh…..

September 15, 2020
Image may contain: meme and outdoor, text that says "THE HOOD UNDER BUSH THE HOOD UNDER OBAMA Z THE HOOD UNDER TRUMP"

The Astronumerology of Black Lives Matter

August 10, 2020


The Stats On Jewish Destruction Of Melanated Families

July 15, 2020

Image may contain: 1 person, text that says "70% of Prison Inmates Are Raised by Single Mothers. *70% of Juvenile Offenders are Raised by Single Mothers. *70% of Drug Addicts are Raised by Single Mothers. *71% of High School Dropouts are Raised by Single Mothers. *Being a Single Mother is the Number One Reason a Child is in Poverty. so HOW IS MATRIARCHY WORKING OUT FOR YOU?"


How To Make A Racist

July 14, 2020

make a racist


Why And How Jews Invented The Holocaust

July 10, 2020

First and foremost they wanted to trade places with us….the original people. They wanted to become the victims when in fact they are the victimizers. They know they are the ones who financed and profited the most from slavery of Africans and black natives stolen from their tribes here in America when the African slave trade failed to deliver the numbers required for their massive plantations.  Watch the movie “Trading Places” again and it will carry new meaning for you now.


Second they wanted everyone to feel sorry for them so they could rise into positions of power out of pity. Pinkazoids don’t give a fuck about nobody, including themselves, but they do possess of strong survival instinct. As Christians, Puritans and Calvinists they feel horror of a real holocaust happening to them if the races mix too much or their birth rate continues to decline. So they hate the Jew but they sympathize with being genetically annihilated from miscegenation and negative birth rate so they allow the Jews to do whatever they please to avoid that feeling of guilt that they always carry inside them except when dealing with melanoids. They project their psychosexual inadequacies onto melanated people to keep themselves going….especially the males. You must read Dr Frances Cress Welsing’s “Isis Papers” if you haven’t.

This is why their guns are modeled after the black penis:

dick gun

The so-called death camps were worker camps. Many races of people died at the hands of Hitler’s regime but have you ever heard any of them mentioned? Nope….and you won’t. Far more non-Jews died than Jews but all you ever hear is this exa-JEW-ration that six million Jews died. Lies lies and nothing but lies. The black and white footage of bodies in ditches were just dead Polish people on top and other corpses (probably from other graves) to fill in the rest underneath. Stanley Kubrick, the Jew that filmed 2001, filmed the footage himself so he was in on the lie as well. He also faked the moon landing footage. The Jew will go to any lengths with their deception.


All the census records prove there were NOT six million Jews even in existence in Europe at the end of WWII. How the hell can six million die when six million don’t exist??!?!?! They even changed the Holohoax Memorial to 1.5 million!!!! In short they admitted they are lying their smelly asses off. The reference to six is the number of the Beast. It is also the atomic number of carbon which is a major component of eumelanin. They are  impostors plain and simple stealing our power by re-writing his-story. They even have the nerve to call themselves the “chosen” ones which in fact they are just the frozen ones from the caves of Europe.


Then they put the lies into the public school curriculum and all over the media which they own 100% for mind control. Now everyone thinks Hitler was the worst man who ever lived when in fact he was just trying to protect his country and people from the Jewish infestation that toppled it. He never had any organized plan to exterminate the Jews. He simply wanted them relocated to stop them from ruining the economy. Germany was broke at the end of WWII and owed all that money back to the central bankers who are the Rothschild Jews of course. How the hell could they have built “death” camps if they were broke as hell?!?!?! You cannot kill millions of people efficiently with ovens and Zyklon-B which is for delousing not killing people. Even one of their own David Cole visited the camps incognito and showed that they were all clearly a bunch of props used to perpetrate this massive fraud.

proxy-image (1)

Next they just continue to repeat the lie over and over again. It works. It’s a known psychological brainwashing technique developed by Edward Bernays. They just stole a page from his book. NAZI this and Hitler that is all over the TV and internet. You cannot browse the menu on your tell-lie-vision without something about Hitler or NAZIs all over it. And of course they are always making references to it in their jew-vies that people watch so when people hear that it is a hoax they fly into a rage calling the truthers anti-Semites and then ruining his or her livelihood to silence them.

Here’s another Jewvie that just came out with Tom Hanks and more NAZI/Hitler brainwashing tripe:


Pinkazoids cannot stand to have their money taken from them because the money is fake melanin in their sick minds. It’s all they have so they maintain this lie for the Jew. This is done each and every day non-stop so you cannot see the obvious truth. You think it’s normal because it just keeps repeating. It’s repeating to keep you sleeping!!!

They can tell some people are starting to wake up so what does the parasite do? Put more money into mis-education to make sure new generations are being thoroughly indoctrinated to their historical hoaxes. The NEVER AGAIN Act HR 943 was passed unanimously back on May 13th toward this end. Your own taxes will be spent to keep you and your family brainwashed.

You can view the text of it for yourself. It’s already law now!!!

Annotation 2020-07-10 140939

Norm Finkelstein, a Jew himself, even exposed this mythology in his book “The Holocaust Industry” on how these Jews play on world sympathy and brainwashing to get whatever they want. It is even a crime in some countries to question the Holohoax. You can go to jail and prison. Israeli Mossad will even kill you.


Did some Jews die at the end of WWII? Of course. All races died in some number but many of the few hundred thousand Jews that died did so in service to Germany. Certainly six million did not die and what about the real millions of other ethnic groups that actually did die?!?!?! There is also substantial proof that Hitler himself had Jewish ancestry so he may have been part of this hoax as well.


The Mossad motto:

proxy-image (2)

Meanwhile no reparations will ever be paid to the people who really deserve them. Why? Because the Jews keep blocking it in the House. They won’t even allow a bill on the floor as an exploratory effect to see what reparations would entail. They know it can be done. They just want the original people to continue to suffer while they continue pretending to be us. John Conyers tried his whole career to get HR40 passed for this but the Jews always made sure they shot it down before it even got out the gate. Now they got rid of John Conyers with one of their silly little sexual harassment charges. BLM is Black Lesbian Movement. It is all funded by the goddamn Jews so it is part of the gay agenda. The Jews are funding this to control it. THEY PLAY ALL SIDES!!!!!!!

Here’s my Blak Rant podcast on their technique of exa-JEW-ration to rewrite history. They’re even using it now with the Covid19 hoax.

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I also have the Afrostrology Jewtube channel where I discuss astrology from a melanated perspective:





June 28, 2020



BLM Is Now Black Lesbian Movement – Crumb TV

June 27, 2020


Afroism of the Day!!!!!!

May 31, 2020

fear and money

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