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Do These Creatures Look Human To You?

September 27, 2020

I hope not. That’s a bad sign if they do. These are the people directly responsible for most of the bullshit in the world right now including media, fiat currency, porn, wars, sex trafficking, cannibalism, fake news, false flags, fake shootings, etc.

From top left we have scumbucket Jew Rupert Murdoch that programs your children to be gay before they even reach puberty. Nothing mentally, emotionally or spiritually healthy or redeeming is allowed onto their tell-lie-vision. They make sure that we are portrayed in the most savage, uncivilized and debased manner so that we have low self-esteem and so that other races also believe the shit and take advantage of us.

Top right is scumfuck Jew Jacob Rothschild who runs the global central banking scam in every country except Iran and North Korea where they charge everyone to print their own money which is worthless fiat bullshit with Kemetic symbols on the back to draw power from us and send it to the pedophile Freemason rapist slaveholding dead president faggots on the front.

Bottom left is reptile George Soros who keeps funding BLM or Black Lesbian Movement. He pays most of the people to march because people are broke from the Covid hoax and the Jew must always control all sides of everything to ensure their victory because that is how parasites think and act. They are just macroparasites instead of micro.

And finally bottom right (could barely fit his fat freckled freak ass head in the pic) we have Jabba the Hut blob ass Henry Kissinger whose global policies and think tanks have resulted in military policies that have killed close to 100 million people worldwide since he slid out of that dead womb that created his carcass.

These degenerate ass-wipe Jew kikes run the Matrix hologram that keeps your mind on your money so you forget your soul. Don’t pray for their deaths. They’re already dead anyway. Just do rituals to make them lose everything. That is the sweetest revenge… served cold.

Guard and watch your children carefully or they could end up on their dinner plates. They eat the young to stay young. Also they get high from consuming the adrenal glands. It releasing a chemical (khem I kill) called adrenochrome that causes some weird shit that they all are addicted to. BTW if the world is still here by 2030 they plan on completely legalizing pedophilia so it won’t be a damn thing you can legally do when your children are molested. They have already started the lobbying of Congress to get the laws passed under NAMBLA (North American Man Boy Alliance) Go look if you don’t believe me. Ase.


Reversing the 9/11 Dark Kabbalistic Spell

September 11, 2020

This is literal but symbolic in that you must rebuild your inner towers…..your inner temple of divinity…BOTH THE MELANATED MAN AND FEMALE!!!! WITHOUT BOTH IT WON’T WORK BECAUSE WE ALL HAVE MALE AND FEMALE WITHIN US!!!!! AND THE JEW HAS SUPPRESSED THE DIVINE FEMININE IN ALL OF US!!!!!!!

As you can see China is also taking part in harvesting your energy through their own versions of King Solomon’s (hidden sun or soul) temple. Stop buying their shit!!!! MONEY IS MELANIN ENERGY!!!!

We can’t get the Africans to stop allowing the Chinkazoids to rape their land and women. They have to do that for themselves. They should know better than to trust the yellow dogs by now.



May 25, 2020

forget day


George Carlin On The “Owners”

May 15, 2020


Jews Expelled From Over 100 Countries (Gee I Wonder Why????)

May 14, 2020


Afroism of the Day!!!!!

May 10, 2020

color of control


The Many Facets of the Covid-19 False Flag Psyop

April 3, 2020

The global elite never do a major false flag or psyops without having many objectives. 9/11 was the prime example. Not only did Israel gets its War on Islam, they stole a bunch of gold, got away with insider trading, silenced a naval investigation of their crimes, got the insurance for each tower collapsing as a separate incident and on and on. It was also a huge kabbalistic ritual destroying the Twin Pillars of Solomon Boaz and Joachin.


Covid is no different. Here are several things this global hoax will accomplish:

  1. The dollar will be replaced as the world’s reserve currency with a digital dollar.
  2. The CIA’s Bitcoin will become more and more popular and the cashless society will become a reality so everything we buy can be tracked.
  3. 5G is being rolled out so it can be used as a weapon in schools and against people in their own homes.
  4. Big Pharma will get massive contracts to produce a vaccine that actually makes people sick and doesn’t prevent anything.
  5. Huge bailouts to major corporations just like Obama did for the Jewish bankers in 2008 rewarding criminality.
  6. Bill Gates gets to chip everyone for ID2020 by putting it into the vaccines. I thought this asshole was busy trying to block out the Sun aka Heru??? So much evil. So little time.
  7. The planets in astrology are in an aspect that is very dangerous to corrupt leadership. They fear being removed from power and so they hope the lockdowns will allow the worst of these transits to pass so they can get back to our enslavement.

I’m sure I’ve omitted many because we just don’t know yet but we will soon!!!!!


The Owners Of America OWN YOU!!!! – George Carlin

March 23, 2020


Corona Virus Planned For YEARS!!!!!

March 18, 2020


Can Whites And Asians Ever Change?

March 7, 2020

Apocalypse, Symbolism and Coronavirus

Sounds good but won’t happen….at least not in America and probably not anywhere in Asia either. When you have a high level of self-hatred like most Europeans and Asians do they attempt to compensate for it by trying to acquire more material possessions because they think other people will like them if they see they have nice things. That’s asinine and it doesn’t work that way. What happens is most of those people become jealous of you and hate you if they have less than you do or even if they have similar things to you. Ever since the dawn of Europeans and Asians this has been the #1 problem of the world. Europeans hate themselves and they project it onto blacks/natives/indigenous/Africans/nature and then into corruption, etc. They refuse to take a step back and address the real reasons and causes for their massive self-hatred that gets projected onto innocent people, places and things all over the planet as an expiation for their sins. Will they ever take that long hard look in the mirror?

HELL NO!!!!!! They cannot do it even if they wanted to. They are not like us. They do not have souls….not most of them anyway. What they are is part of their animalistic, hybridized genetic code and it cannot be changed…..not easily anyway. They will make some good speeches and ban plastic straws but nothing substantive will change. The European is incapable of changing because they view everything in the world as an animal does….US vs THEM!!!!!! They have had centuries to get it right but all they ever end up doing is chasing more and more paper to compensate for their collective lack of self-worth….the proverbial Adam and Eve is the Garden and Eden stripped bare naked and searching for fig leaves to hide their shame of demelanation and not being able to withstand the rays of the Sun for very long. Everything they do is toxic to the environment and ironically they end up making themselves sick and dying….all in their never-ending pursuit of more and more money….the only wheel that gets the grease. We can talk about this forever but enough words have been said. They’re doomed. Karma must be paid for what they have done, what they are still doing and even for what they may do with the little time they have left. They won’t be missed. Let’s not make a sequel please.

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