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Edward Bernays and Group Psychology: Manipulating the Masses

October 3, 2020

Marc Randolph by Gage Skidmore.jpg

One of Randolph’s paternal great-granduncles was psychoanalysis pioneer Sigmund Freud. Another paternal great-uncle of Randolph was Edward Bernays, an Austrian-American pioneer in the field of public relations and propaganda.



Psychology of Pink Skins and Hollywood

May 10, 2020

Hollywood Jews break down pink skin psychology in the genres they bring to the big screen to let us know their agenda and also to use predictive programming so their agenda is more successful when they decide to carry it out…..usually over time but also sometimes suddenly like 9/11 and Covid……9/11’s younger brother.

Action – These movies are all about violence, sex and death and they keep your heart racing. Pink skins fear death but they also love it because they are part human and part animal. They cannot move from that part of the brain because the genetic traps them there.

Western – These are all about romanticizing the theft of native land and never giving it back. Also it’s about not even paying them what it’s worth. Pink skins fight with each other over stupid shit….of course after getting drunk. It’s about guns too…..lots of guns!!! because guns are their substitute for not having a big black dick!!!!!

Horror/Cult – These are all about fearing the black male. When cops shoot and kill blacks it’s because they have that animal instinct which equates to a fear of the dark….especially at night when “blacks” are harder to see unless they have on light clothing. Pink skins fear the demons because the demons live inside the chakras of “black” people. The angels so too but the pink skins pretend that THEY are the angels!!!!!! COMICAL!!!!! Demons are not bad and angels are not good. They are just energies to do with as we please but pink skins have to label everything that way in their minds. You are either with them or against them… group or out group. If you’re in the our group you die. They pretend to be more civilized these days but they are always a drink or two from murdering someone…..even their own.

Robberies – Pink skins and their master Jews have been pilfering and pillaging the planet for centuries. They love stealing because they know the original people are the only real creators. It’s also why they love pirates who are nothing but thieves on the open seas. Killing, stealing and then lying are their favorites activities. It is pink culture. It’s all they have.

Comedies – Pink skins have a completely different concept of what funny is….because it’s not funny at all. Their comedy isn’t funny….especially the Jews that replaced all the melanoid comedians that they had killed. They are just fucking goofy but the Jew makes a shitload of money off their nonsensical nonsense. So does Kevin Hart…the pinkest black comedian in the history of his-story.

Superhero/Magic/Mystery – This is when pink skins get to pretend that they are us so they can go back into the world on Monday am and continue oppressing us and feeling confident that we deserve it. All these superZEROs are stolen African stories that Stan Lee and other Jews never gave anyone credit for. They are nothing but cultural plagiarists so they cannot create…..only imitate.

Sci-fi – Weeeeeee!!!!!!!!! We’re going into space to have another war. There isn’t enough war on the ground, sea and air so pink skins dream about going into space and having even more wars. There’s one problem though. There is no space. When you look up you are looking inside. There is a boundary up there that we cannot go past in the physical…only with your spirit and mind. When you see those falling stars those are souls returning to Earth about to be re-born from the females who are in labor. Yes they’re all “black” because the other species (not races) do not have souls. Another nigga got tricked into coming back to this shithole basically.

War/Sports – Violence is part of everything the pink skins do but in war movies they get to focus on it extra. We get to see body parts flying all over the place and people screaming and dying. Sports is just another form of war. One side tries to defeat the other. It’s just been sanitized for the masses so they don’t have to see all the carnage they way they used to do in Greece and Rome. You can take the man out of the cave but you can never take the cave out of the man.

Drama – We know pink skins have plenty of drama. It’s just more them pretending they have the entire range of emotions which is utter bullshit. They only experience desire for more comfort at the expense of everyone and everything else on the planet. If they tolerate you it’s because you bring them more of whatever they want. They do not experience true love, empathy, compassion, regret or anything that makes one truly a moral person. Once again they’re just acting. I love the family dramas on tell-a-vision where they pretend to care about their damn kids……fucking hilarious!!!!!

Dystopia/Pandemic/Zombie – This is just more Jewish predictive programming so when they completely fuck us up (which is close) then more people will be capable of handling it emotionally so there is complete and utter chaos with people running around high and naked in the streets. They are breaking our minds in to the New World Order. Your mind is thinking this is how it’s going to be in the future so deal with it. Of course most pink skins would just commit suicide. They could never handle dealing with other people on a level playing field. In a survival situation they would revert to 100% beast mode up to and including public rape and cannibalism. You can’t change your genes and DNA folks.

Murder/Serial Killer/Revenge – Pink skins love to watch anything about killing. It’s in their blood….literally. They take notes when they see those movies and shows to see how they can get away with killing each other so they can get the insurance when it’s ruled an accident or a random murder. Understand money is the driving force with any and everything they think and do. Money hides their shame of not being an original person. This is why we don’t belong on the same planet. When Gods in flesh share the same planet with manimals all you are going to see is hateration because they want to be us. They want souls….but they will not have one any time soon if ever. The carnage will continue and most likely until all humanoid life on this planet has been exterminated. They cannot help themselves. It is compulsive from their animal genetic.

Prison – It’s almost as if pink skins know that melanoids are in prison just from being on planet and around them. They know that they are in a genetic prison from how they were created by us. They know they cannot get the solar plexus chakra to the heart chakra which explains most of their behavior. The whole planet is a prison for consciousness. A job is a prison. Being around pink skins is a prison. This is why so many black males prefer staying in prison. At least in prison they got a gang that got their back. On the outside ain’t nobody got yo back or front. You are own your own no matter what people may think. Moral people can only come from spiritual people. The Jewish media has to constantly infect our minds with bullshit because a mental prison is a prison indeed….the worst type of prison.

Animated – This is all the Disney crap that kids love. Parents just don’t see how perverted it is because their minds are not on the right frequency. They are just offering their children up to bestiality, molestation and sexual perversion of all types. The elite love luring children mentally with these jew-vies because the real purpose of it cannot be seen by 99% of parents. All the elite pedophiles are having their way with your children’s minds but most parents don’t give a shit as long as they get a break from “MOMMY!!!!!” “DADDY!!!!!!”. Throw in a Disney DVD or stream it and let the elite teach your children how to have sex with animals. Why not?!?!?! Anything goes!!!!!!

In all of these movies no matter what you will always hear them screaming “Jesus”, drinking coffee and taking shots of liquor. Very rare to see an exception. It’s all melanin. Coffee is melanin. Liquor is spirit which is melanin and Jesus is really Osiris the black god of melanin. They want it so bad. They will never have it.




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April 16, 2020

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February 11, 2020

Pink skins cannot control themselves any longer.


Raise Yourself Before Trying To Raise Children

February 6, 2020


The Weapon That Destroys Your Mind

November 28, 2019


Tell-A-Vision Is An Enter-trainment Weapon

November 28, 2019


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September 29, 2019



Afroism for the Day!!!!!!

August 3, 2019


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