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Edward Bernays and Group Psychology: Manipulating the Masses

October 3, 2020

Marc Randolph by Gage Skidmore.jpg

One of Randolph’s paternal great-granduncles was psychoanalysis pioneer Sigmund Freud. Another paternal great-uncle of Randolph was Edward Bernays, an Austrian-American pioneer in the field of public relations and propaganda.



Afroism of the Day!!!!!!!!

April 16, 2020

Life Cheating on Twitter: "Never let your emotion overrule your ...


Can Whites And Asians Ever Change?

March 7, 2020

Apocalypse, Symbolism and Coronavirus

Sounds good but won’t happen….at least not in America and probably not anywhere in Asia either. When you have a high level of self-hatred like most Europeans and Asians do they attempt to compensate for it by trying to acquire more material possessions because they think other people will like them if they see they have nice things. That’s asinine and it doesn’t work that way. What happens is most of those people become jealous of you and hate you if they have less than you do or even if they have similar things to you. Ever since the dawn of Europeans and Asians this has been the #1 problem of the world. Europeans hate themselves and they project it onto blacks/natives/indigenous/Africans/nature and then into corruption, etc. They refuse to take a step back and address the real reasons and causes for their massive self-hatred that gets projected onto innocent people, places and things all over the planet as an expiation for their sins. Will they ever take that long hard look in the mirror?

HELL NO!!!!!! They cannot do it even if they wanted to. They are not like us. They do not have souls….not most of them anyway. What they are is part of their animalistic, hybridized genetic code and it cannot be changed…..not easily anyway. They will make some good speeches and ban plastic straws but nothing substantive will change. The European is incapable of changing because they view everything in the world as an animal does….US vs THEM!!!!!! They have had centuries to get it right but all they ever end up doing is chasing more and more paper to compensate for their collective lack of self-worth….the proverbial Adam and Eve is the Garden and Eden stripped bare naked and searching for fig leaves to hide their shame of demelanation and not being able to withstand the rays of the Sun for very long. Everything they do is toxic to the environment and ironically they end up making themselves sick and dying….all in their never-ending pursuit of more and more money….the only wheel that gets the grease. We can talk about this forever but enough words have been said. They’re doomed. Karma must be paid for what they have done, what they are still doing and even for what they may do with the little time they have left. They won’t be missed. Let’s not make a sequel please.



February 13, 2020



Raise Yourself Before Trying To Raise Children

February 6, 2020


The Weapon That Destroys Your Mind

November 28, 2019


At The Jewvies!!!!! – Blak Rant

November 25, 2019


The Top Ten Things Women Hate

June 28, 2019

1) Themselves.

Women learn to hate themselves from growing up under this white male patriarchy nonsense, religion, daddy issues and from consuming too much TV and social media. The TV and social media are devices that basically makes you hate yourself so you can go waste your money buying things you don’t need to make you feel better about hating yourself. The cycle never ends until you make it end.

2) Each Other.

Because they hate themselves they also project and transfer that hatred onto other women especially if she happens to be more attractive, richer or smarter. Catty gals….

3) Men Who Pay Them Attention.

Nobody ever got laid from paying women too much attention. Women hate it because being ignored and abandoned is the life story of most of them so they want that same dynamic repeated because it turns them on sexually until they either get treatment or just get over it.

4) Being Horny On Their Period.

When women are horny (which is almost always unless they’re depressed) they hate it when they found a new guy they wanna screw and their period comes on right on the big day. That guy ain’t waiting 3-5 days. He’s going to fuck someone else. Trust me.

5) Women With Bigger Asses

The Jewish media has women thinking that their self-esteem is in their asses now. The bigger the better they think. Most men don’t want a huge ass but women don’t care when the TV puts it in their minds. TV is mind control and women love being controlled by it.

6) Being Alone and Single.

This is probably number one. Women hate not having someone to talk to constantly and label as their boyfriend. They almost never take time off for retrospection and introspection. The result is that the same energy is present so they repeat the same mistakes over and over in every relationship which is really just the same relationship. I’ve tried explaining it to them. They don’t get it.

7) Silence.

Most females have to constantly run their mouths. I’m at my apartment in Tampa right now typing this in complete and utter silence except for a water fountain. That would drive most females insane. They always have to have the damn TV going, poking at their cellphones, etc….anything to avoid the horror of complete silence. It terrifies most women.

8) The Truth.

I hate to say it but women hate the truth. This is why men lie so much. If you tell women the truth then they get upset and won’t fuck you… we lie instead so we can have sex. A study was done a few years ago and it found that women don’t actually live in reality in their minds. They live in the reality that they wish they had like a child that is constantly fantasizing and daydreaming. That’s not all bad but it’s not practical to do it all the damn time.

61860786 – politician: woman taking an oath on the bible

9) Losing Their Cell Phone.

THE SKY I FALLING!!!! THEY SKY IS FALLING!!!!!! I have literally seen females burst into tears, start screaming and running amok when they lose their cell phone. It makes sense though since it has become their entire lives. It has all their midnight dicks in there, their favorite apps, games, porn and God knows what else. Yes women watch a shitload of porn….more than men do.

10) Admitting They’re Wrong.

Try getting a female to admit they did something wrong. It’s like trying to get a straight answer from a lawyer or a politician. They almost never take personal responsibility for anything they do and end up blaming someone else for something they had nothing at all to do with. For example, when men dump women they think it’s the man’s fault when in truth they drove the man away with their obsession, insecurity and smothering most of the time.


Six Pack Sickness of Amerikkka

March 31, 2019

When I see any fad or craze appear in Amerikkka I know it’s never by accident. A perfect example of this is the obsession with getting six pack abs. Women love them on men. Some men love them on women. Women love them on women and themselves too. The question is why? Personally I don’t find them attractive on women but if it’s on tell-a-vision, infomercials, jewtube and everywhere else you know people are going to be programmed to emulate and imitate it like monkeys.

First of all the number six is important. It is the number of the beast. It is the number of the element carbon in the periodic table so clearly this is something related to melanoids. Carbon is not eumelanin but they definitely have a relationship to each other. Second when they are well-defined six pack abs make you look like a warrior so maybe it makes people more prone to violence which would link it with Mars and Aries. We all know how violent Amerikkkans are….not only to each other but themselves as well.

Most importantly abs are in the stomach area. The stomach is ruled by the sign of Cancer. Cancer represents the Moon, the home, moon and the mother. It’s about emotion and we all know some crazy ass emotional Cancerians. When people get used to seeing this on other people they develop low self-esteem. They want the abs but don’t want to put in the work at the gym or make the required changes to their diet. They look in the mirror wishing they looked different. It’s really sad especially for mothers who wish they had their pre-preggo figure back. I see women in public all the time holding their stomachs trying to hide their bulge or curves because they think the six pack is not the norm so they feel less worthy without one. They wear black to hide it or squeeze it into some tights. This is a mental disorder and companies are making billions off of our collective low self-esteem and obsession with bodily perfection that is not only unrealistic but many times unhealthy because of the stress that it puts on the body and mind to maintain this condition.

This is downright stupid people. I like the natural curves of a woman. No I don’t want a female with a big fat belly but this obsession is affecting almost all females who don’t have six pack abs. I suppose they already had low self-esteem but this definitely makes it worse. Stop judging yourself from whatever the Jew puts in their media. It’s always done to cause some type of harm to you or control you. A six pack is completely unnatural. You have to go far out of your normal diet and metabolism to force your body to do it and if you lapse back to your former ways then they disappear under a layer of fat in just a few weeks. Not worth it if you ask me. Your self-esteem is not found in your body people. It’s in your mind from realizing everyone is here to contribute something and love somebody. If you think doing Crossfit or having big muscles makes you better than other people then you also have low self-esteem yourself. I know people are going to say I’m just a hater because I don’t have them. I can see my abs but I’m not shredded and I don’t feel the need to get shredded. If I just looked that way naturally that would be fine too but almost no one has that type of metabolism.

The Jew and his feminism has destroyed the family in Amerikkka because genders roles have been muddied and destroyed in many areas. Without stable families people go fucking crazy. They get depressed.They get angry. They get on drugs. They sleep around. They commit suicide or overdose. This always leads to the destruction of society…..not sometimes…..always. Six pack abs won’t fix any of this but it will get you a shitload of one night stands if that’s what you choose to replace your stable family.


Why Pink Skins Are Powerless Without Money

February 7, 2019

Blak Rant

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