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What Hurricane Names Really Mean

September 13, 2020

They are all references to modern dumb ass religion. Even the naming of hurricanes is a ritual…….a ritual blood sacrifice because they can intensify them and steer them whenever and wherever they want them to go to kill melanated people all over the planet. Ase.

Nana (complete) christian
Omar (complete) muslim
Paulette (active) paul jesus
Rene (complete) born again
Sally (active) sarah abraham’s wife
Teddy (unused) greek gift of god or rich guard
Vicky (unused) victory
Wilfred (unused) desiring peace


The Ascension of Black Panther Heru – Chadwick Aaron Boseman

August 29, 2020


The Jewish Juneteenth Ritual – Afrostrology

June 18, 2020


The George Floyd Psyop (He’s Not Really Dead)

June 7, 2020


Western Birth Chart Analysis Of Bill Gates of HELL

April 26, 2020


Patent for the Corona Virus from 2018 and Bill Gates

April 10, 2020

Bill Gates MUST BE STOPPED!!!!!

April 9, 2020



Bill Gates and Jeffrey Epstein (Both Jewish Elites) Are Sick As Hell

April 6, 2020

Bill Gates the eugenecist and Jeffrey Epstein on Bill’s right the child sex trafficker and molester. And you trust Bill Gates with your life because he used to be over Microsoft? You believe the smiling lies that come out of his mouth. Bill Gates has a long history of eugenics as do all of the Jewish elite.

This is the real Bill Gates. Stop falling for that fake ass bedside manner bullshit people.



The Many Facets of the Covid-19 False Flag Psyop

April 3, 2020

The global elite never do a major false flag or psyops without having many objectives. 9/11 was the prime example. Not only did Israel gets its War on Islam, they stole a bunch of gold, got away with insider trading, silenced a naval investigation of their crimes, got the insurance for each tower collapsing as a separate incident and on and on. It was also a huge kabbalistic ritual destroying the Twin Pillars of Solomon Boaz and Joachin.


Covid is no different. Here are several things this global hoax will accomplish:

  1. The dollar will be replaced as the world’s reserve currency with a digital dollar.
  2. The CIA’s Bitcoin will become more and more popular and the cashless society will become a reality so everything we buy can be tracked.
  3. 5G is being rolled out so it can be used as a weapon in schools and against people in their own homes.
  4. Big Pharma will get massive contracts to produce a vaccine that actually makes people sick and doesn’t prevent anything.
  5. Huge bailouts to major corporations just like Obama did for the Jewish bankers in 2008 rewarding criminality.
  6. Bill Gates gets to chip everyone for ID2020 by putting it into the vaccines. I thought this asshole was busy trying to block out the Sun aka Heru??? So much evil. So little time.
  7. The planets in astrology are in an aspect that is very dangerous to corrupt leadership. They fear being removed from power and so they hope the lockdowns will allow the worst of these transits to pass so they can get back to our enslavement.

I’m sure I’ve omitted many because we just don’t know yet but we will soon!!!!!


So True……Damn the Jew…..

March 27, 2020

Blak Rant

racism justice equality melanin race white supremacy freedom liberation self-determination

V.K. Jehannum

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