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The Ascension of Black Panther Heru – Chadwick Aaron Boseman

August 29, 2020


My Analysis of Project Power (Spoiler Alert!!!!!)

August 16, 2020


Here we go with another pinkazoid fantasy about them becoming godlike like us. The theme is getting old as fuck. It’s like half the shit on TV is pink skins pretending they have  superpowers like we do. Their only power is pretending to be us and there ain’t nothing super about it. It’s pathetic when you think about but I was glad to see Jamie Foxx back in action. He ages very well but then again sex and money will do that for you. He has repeatedly said he has ZERO intentions of ever getting married. I don’t blame him. I’d be tearing up a different bad black female any chance I could get if I was him. He’s much better as an actor like a comedian and far better than a musician. Melanin can do anything so all of us are multi-talented once we get our minds and bodies right.

Let’s see why Jamie Fox was chosen for this role. Normally the Jews ignore him:

Jamie originates in Hebrew language and means “one who supplants”. It is a diminutive of James, ultimately derived from Jacob. Formerly, Jamie was used only as a masculine given name.

Also Fox comes out 666 (as in FOX news too):


So a company called Telios, based in New Orleans as in Katrina, has invented a pill that wakes up the dormant superpowers inside of humans. In the jewvies they pretend that we are humans just like them ignoring their animal DNA. Whatever. We are gods in flesh. They are dogs in flesh. They company releases the drug on the public to see what effect it has for testing….much like what Bill Gates has planned for us with his so-called Covid vaccine.

The word Telios means completion or perfection but not meaning without flaws:

tel’-i-os  Adjective
  1. brought to its end, finished
  2. wanting nothing necessary to completeness
  3. perfect
  4. that which is perfect
    1. consummate human integrity and virtue
    2. of men
      1. full grown, adult, of full age, mature

It comes from the Hebrew word “tamim” meaning:

In the Hebrew text, the word perfect is tamîm, and its basic meaning is “complete” or “entire.”

Basically the company sees itself as completing what is they feel is missing from the human genome. Once again they make no distinction between the original people who have all twelves strands of DNA awakening and whatever the manimals have. Interestingly enough Jamie Foxx’s character only takes the pill once at the end. The black girl never takes the pills no matter what. That goes to show that the Jews know we really don’t need them at all once we fully awaken from the media, religion and miseducation induced slumber they have most of us in. When you take the pill it only takes a few seconds before your power wakes up and then you have about five minutes to use it before it wears off. Some of the people just explode when they take the pill so it doesn’t always work based on your genetics. haha……Yeah the dude was a pinkazoid and of course they overdose on them in the movie just like in real life.


Near the beginning of the movie there is a clip where Foxx is holding a piece of paper that tells him where the street supplier has been most recently.

tampa newt

That’s 20 minutes from where I live on Busch Blvd in Tampa FL. Also not the reference to a newt…a reptilian. We all know about the many gators down here in Florida. Are the elite telling us they are reptilians? Some say the “black” race are the true reptilians. On that one I need to do more research.

The pill supplier Newt even had a pet alligator. He overdoses in the jewvie trying to catch and kill Foxx. His power was to becoming a flaming creature like the Phoenix but they put his ass out with good ole H2O……water…..the spirit….the mother…..the wombman.


Continuing with the note the word DEGAVILE (if I’m reading that correctly) is just a word jumble for the words EVIL, VILE, VEIL and of course LEVI the Jewish tribe as well as “levy” as in the levies that they blew when they slaughtered the 9th ward back in 2005 as well. Could be vial as well because each pill is a little vial of “melanin” that gives power. DEGA is AGED backwards meaning ancient. MANOR is just another way of saying ROMAN….in other words the Unholy Roman Empire or Vatican. See how they put these little things in there?????

Tampa Bay hasn’t had a major hurricane in over 90 years and is due for a big one. They put this article out today.

The phoenix is the bird of flames rising from the ashes. It is Heru the child. Are they planning another hurricane sacrifice of us to destroy the ancestral link? I wouldn’t doubt it. This is predictive programming. I am always ready to get the hell out of here since we are at sea level. There is no other reason to reference Tampa in a movie supposedly happening in New Orleans. That not enough proof for you???

Gordon-Levitt wears a Saints jersey the entire jewvie with number 37 on it.


37 is the number that was worn by Stephen Michael Gleason a Saints safety that saved the first home game after Katrina by blocking a punt. 37 also has very mystical association as a prime number and its Biblical references. Three is design…mother/father/child and seven is manifestation….seven days of the week….seven holes in your head, seven musical notes, seven colors ROYGBIV and on and on.

When you see anything related to number 37 (and its reverse 73) think about number 777, perfection, sanctification, consecration, truth and Jesus. Thirty-seven can bee seen like three sevens – 777 – which has similar meeting. Examples speak for themselves and should make you wonder about this impossible claim…The 3700th verse of the Bible finds the Lord selecting the Levites to be the tribe of Priests who are to be holy and set apart for serving God – not coincidentally, this is also the 3rd chapter and 7th verse (37) of the book of Numbers.This is just one of the Bible’s many examples showing how number 37 is related to being saved/raised up or being holy or perfect. Like all God’s numbers, opposite meanings can also be found associated with them, so with #37 so you will find themes of not being saved or being defeated/destroyed.

One very compelling example of the consistent theme association with number 37 are the contents of the seven chapter thirty-sevens of the Bible. Each of these chapters speak of being saved, made perfect, lifted up or opposite themes such as being thrown down or not being saved. It seems no coincidence there happen to be seven chapter thirty-sevens:

Gen 37 — Joseph thrown into a pit but is lifted out of it (saved)

Exo 37 — Perfection of furniture in tabernacle – things of Pure Gold, made perfect, annointing oil….

Job 37 — God comes down, we cannot comprehend a perfect God – the 13,777th Bible verse is Job 37:7 he seals the hand of every man….

Psa 37 — The Lord will save his people – Psalm 37:37 says “Mark the blameless man” (saved)

Isa 37 — God will save Jerusalem – the 733rd verse of Isaiah – Isa 37:35 ‘For I will defend this city to save it for My own sake and for My servant David’s sake.’ “

Jer 37 — Jerusalem was saved when the siege was lifted and Jerimiah was also saved from death – Jer 37:21 King Zedekiah commanded – they commit1 Jeremiah to the court of the guardhouse and gave him a loaf of bread daily (interesting c37 x v21 = 777 and both numbers reflect 3 sevens).

Eze 37 — The dry bones vision of Israel who will be saved – Eze 37:28 “And the nations will know that I am the LORD who sanctifies Israel, when My sanctuary is in their midst forever.”

For the first half of the jewvie Foxx wears a shirt with NASA on the front which is really just NAZI. In other words America rescued the NAZIs at the end of WWII under Operation Paperclip to get them to work on super secret projects for the elite. They don’t do anything with space at all. They take our money and they try to find portals on the planet to escape to other worlds because they know their time is up here with the planet moving into higher and higher frequencies they cannot tolerate as parasites of our melanin. All they can do is delay things by keeping us distracted with bullshit in their media. Energy flows where attention goes.


So Foxx, as ex-military, eventually teams up with the Fishback, the black girl selling power pills to make money to save her dying mother Irene who has diabetes, and Gordon-Levitt the pink skin psycho-cop. Notice the Levi/Levy in his real name as well. Foxx and Levitt both become father figures to Fishback. Here they begin to -re-enact the Osiris/Isis/Heru drama again like most of the movies do in Jollywood. Foxx just wants to find and rescue his real daughter and he keeps getting Fishback confused with her in his head. Notice the word “Adopt” on his shirt. It could also mean adept as in magician or adapt as in get ready for the vaccine and what it will do to our DNA.

In the end they finally are able to infiltrate Telios, rescue Foxx’s daughter and bring all the shit down on them but not before Foxx takes the one and only pill he took during the entire jewvie. Guess what happened????????



He kicked the shit out of everyone using his powers and then died. Sad ending? Nope. His daughter had powers of healing which is why Telios stole her in the first place so she used them to save her father and resurrect him the same way Isis resurrected Osiris. Ase.


The Jewish Juneteenth Ritual – Afrostrology

June 18, 2020


The George Floyd Psyop (He’s Not Really Dead)

June 7, 2020


We Are In The Season of Sacrifice…BE AWARE!!!!!! NOT AFRAID…..AWARE……

April 17, 2020

Season-of-Sacrifice-MArk-Passio 322 51.jpg

season of sacrifice


The Palindrome of 2/2/2020

February 2, 2020

Image may contain: possible text that says '02:02:2020 Rare Palindrome Day (Date reads the same forward backward) It the first time in years there has been date without the number & is *global* palindrome day years: Next (12:12:2121). is 33rd of a with 333 remaining. This Will Be Filled With: Incredible Strokes Of Luck & Fortune Positive & Long Awaited Clarity. Reminders That Manifesting Magic, Miracles & Unexpected Blessings This is the optimum day to set intentions & to make wishes. Trust that everything you're dreaming of & more is way. Numbers 22, 2222 confirmations.'


The Murder of Kobe and Gianna Bryant – Blak Rant

January 29, 2020

kobe and gianna


The Astro-numerology of 3/22/20

October 23, 2019

This is going to be a shitstorm if you know anything about astrology and numerology at all. All the malefics and Jupiter as well to expand the badness. Saturn is in its home sign Capricorn with Mars debilitated. This holds true for tropical and sidereal which is rare.


322 is the number of Skull and Bones and it matches the date. Also the year is 2020 which equates to 22 the Master Builder number of Freemasonry. image.pngAlso March comes from the planet Mars which is the God of War….war against humanity. It’s a Sunday so they may do it on Saturn’s Day aka Satan’s Day which is 3/21. Whatever…..Expect a major false flag orchestrated by the Jewish elite… usual. You’re in hell and they are the devil in charge by stealing our power through attention and debt notes they falsely call money.



Major Terror Attack Coming In Europe

October 22, 2019


The Acquittal of Amber Guyger Part II

September 21, 2019

This is a followup since we Aquarians are always getting new info from above. The trial for this redneck skank is set to being on Monday 9/23. Let’s take a look at that date with the full understand that everyone the elite do is a ritual that kills Osiris and then distracts Isis with money so that she never resurrects him and gives birth to Heru. It’s in everything. If you don’t see this by now then nobody can help you.

Image result for jean guyger

It is just me or does this brother look like 50 cent? Anyway I digress….but that is an Osiris/Heru figure they also destroyed but now he is trying to make a comeback. He literally ended up with 50 cents if that much.

The date of the 23rd is just another way of saying you came up one short of 24 or completion. 9 is the number of return meaning it brings you back to where you were trapping you in a cycle. It’s also another way of saying 11 as in military time.


You get the point. Understand these archetypes are deeply embedded in the collective conscious and your personal subconscious so it’s very difficult for the black magick spell to not have any on you even when your conscious to some degree. These numbers form the very fabric of this false reality.

Dallas is one of the cities across the world that is on the 33rd degree parallel as in 33rd degree Scottish Rite Freemason. It is associated with death, bad luck, extreme weather, etc. One minute it’s snowing in Dallas and then the there is a damn sandstorm or some other weird shit. The city is cursed…period…..just like Denver.

Image result for 33rd degree planet death

Finally 9/23 is the vernal equinox. This is when the sun’s (aka son’s) energy is evenly split between 12 hours of daylight and 12 hours of night. Both solstices and equinoxes are powerful times to perform rituals of any kind. Mind you I don’t believe in the global model but just used this as an illustration. If you look at the scientific and historical evidence you can clearly see this is not a globe but a dome of some sort. The Sun and Moon are within the dome only a few miles away. I know it sounds crazy but that’s just because you’ve been brainwashed on the Copernican model of complete bullshit courtesy of the Vatican.

Illustration of summer and winter solstice, and spring and autumn equinox  Globes with continents, sunlight and shadows  Vector on white background Stock Vector - 21570535

I’ve already talked about the symbolism of their names in the my Blak Rant podcast so here’s that link:

You can clearly see this is not happenstance or chance. They’re getting ready to pull another fast one and most of us are going to fall for it as usual unless we spread the word and get our minds right. Almost forgot Monday is also the birthday of George Lester Jackson and John Coltrane. They are always trying to use the ancestral energies against us. Play Coltrane all goddamn day!!!!!!!!!!!!!! especially Equinox for obvious reasons.




Blak Rant

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